Use the best ingredients around, keep everything as fresh as possible and charge what you have to.”


That philosophy has kept Toddy’s in business since my dad started it with his mother over 63 years ago, and we still do it just the way they did it way back then; we use the best stuff, we make small batches and, the best part, we charge a lot of money. Nothing my father liked hearing more than a customer saying, “It’s expensive, but it’s worth it!”

As you browse through the website imagine you’re a little kid with your dad or grandfather on the way to the bagel store getting a bunch of goodies to bring back to the house for a real sit-down Sunday morning breakfast. Well, it’s all here, from the whitefish salad and nova scotia to the blintzes and our amazing blondies.

You’ll not only put a smile on the faces of your guests but we’re going to be pretty happy with you as well.

So what are you waiting for? Yom Kippur?


Jay Todtman

“Toddy’s son”