If you ever see a coffee shop using those small Mylar bags of pre-ground coffee then you’re not getting a fully developed brew.

Those bags used to contain 2.5 ounces of ground coffee and were formulated for the pour-over drip equipment that most coffee shops use. A few years ago when coffee prices soared those small Mylar bags got smaller. Well, the bags didn’t get smaller just the amount of coffee in them did—they’re now 2 ounces. Remember how the small bags of potato chips used to be more than a bag of air with a few chips? It’s like that.

I love my first cup of coffee in the morning and if it’s not right it ruins my day. Okay, let’s just say it ruins my day a lot quicker than it ordinarily would be ruined. (Yeah, I know I have issues and I’m working on it.)

So, in order to get that really good cup of full-bodied coffee we no longer use those Mylar bags. What we do is grind freshly roasted premium beans as we need them and weigh off our filters to a full 3 ounces.

Now, that’s a cup of coffee.


Why don’t other stores do this?

It costs more in coffee, it costs more in labor and most people just don’t know the difference.

I know the difference and the fact that you buy coffee at Toddy’s means that you know it, too.

And don’t for a second think that we don’t appreciate that. We might not act like it but, like I said, I’m working on it.

One more thing, if you like your coffee “steaming” hot just ask your Toddy’s clerk to steam the milk for you. There’s no extra charge for this which is just our way of saying we already make a pretty nice profit on a cup of coffee!